Terratorija 4.

Terratorija IV

The fourth exhibition of terracotta sculptures “Terratorija” opened on 18 August at 19.00, in Knez Mihailova street in Belgrade. The sculptures are made ​​in May 2011  in Kikinda, and the authors are young artists from Serbia and abroad. The project “Terratorija” is this year organized and implemented through the cooperation of the Center for Fine and Applied Arts “Terra”  from Kikinda and SO Stari Grad (Belgrade).
Exhibition coordinator Marko Lađušić conducted a basic idea of the project and this is expressed through the consideration ofindividual pieces of sculptures that integrate into the urban open spaces. The goal of “Terratorija” the liberation of the creativespirit that is achieved by emergence from the studios, galleries,workshops and direct communication with the city of artists, citizens, and to the public, without reservation, elitism, and anything
else we felt alienated from the work of art.