Exhibition ”Traces“ by Milivoj Babović

On Friday, June 17, in the Terra Gallery a solo exhibition of Milivoj Miško Babović, the sculptor from Montenegro was opened. The setting, consisting of photographs, sculptures and reliefs, provides the insight in the specific method of work that Babović prefers in his work and which consists of the re-interpretation of rejected and used objects, their esthetization and placement into the art context.

”Conducting inseparably substantial and spiritual explorations, our artist continuously creates highly aesthetical, associative structures which perform their strength of acting from the fine stabilization of differences and coexistence of what is physical and spiritual, concrete and general, cognitive and inscrutable. Although he is rather concentrated on materials, their physical substantiality, plastic characteristics, a structure and rhythm, the artist draws the symbolic and imaginary on the surface, producing the “fictional surplus” which makes his works aura like. This surplus particularly, which is produced by a refined mutual merging and subjection (never by a conflict) of material and immaterial structures  indicates to Babović ’s feeling for materials which is sharpened to the highest level of sensitivity.‟

 (from the exhibition catalogue, the author Ljiljana Karadžić)

Milivoje Babović was born in 1953 in Petnjik near Berane, Montenegro. In 1979 he graduated at the Sculptural department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in the class of professor Vojin Stojić. He is a member of the ULUCG. He works as a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje.