The jubilee 35th Terra was opened!


On Tuesday, July 5th, the annual exhibition of the Terra symposium was ceremonially opened at the plateau in front of the Terra Gallery and at the same time the beginning of the 35th jubilee convocation of this manifestation was marked. The exhibition setting is composed of the sculptures created at the last year’s symposium in the convocation of which there were Sara Berti from Italia, Nikola Zarić from Switzerland, Sonu Aggarwal from India, Radoš Antonijević, Miroslava Kojić and Milorad Panić from Serbia.

The program of the “Terra 2016” ceremonial opening began with the promenade concert of the DVD Kikinda brass band and the performance of the Kikinda’s mixed choir „Kornelije Stanković“. After that, Pavle Marov, the mayor of Kikinda, Sava Stepanov, the art critic and professor Miroslav Štatkić, the regional secretary for culture, public information and relations with religious communities adressed those present.

‟Today’s event has a special note, the sculptures were placed in the town centre, in the natural and authentic space, exactly where they had originated from. Our goal is to maintain such a manifestation and to open the ‟Terra” museum in the near future. This kind of art expression shows that art has no boundaries.“ Markov, the mayor, pointed out in his addressing to the audience.

‟The Terra is a distinctive phenomenon in the art of Vojvodina and Serbia since it has lasted for 34 years and since at these manifestations and such exhibitions, after a colony, when the results of work are presented, the best in Serbian art is presented”, Sava Stepanov said.

‟The Kikinda’s terra cotta possesses that glow of dark red colour which talks to us, breathes and that is baked earth, source earth with collective remembrance“, Štatkić, the secretary said in his introductory part and added that ‟ this earth managed to preserve even a mammoth from prehistory. The ‟Terra” created something that is very rare in the world, it gathered artists from all continents so that they can create their works of art here and this tells a lot about life, truth, past, present, future and cosmic apsects of life. Today I visited both the ”Terra“ Museum and the Manege and I was enchanted by the space, objects and possibilities. The sculptures by the artists who have been creating for decades, stand as showpieces while the artists themselves were inspired by clay and each of their works of art carries a message. The Japanese have their own way of expressing through clay, so do the Italians; every artist possesses his unique expression. That is why Kikinda is becoming the center of terra cotta and if we all together make an effort to preserve and cherish this brand, we will have something to be proud of“, Štatkić accentuated and added that ”artists who come from all over the world, from Italy to Japan, leave a significant trace in this art but also in Kikinda. This town is an epicenter of terra cotta which is miraculous material, baked earth, mother earth.“

Within this year’s jubilee 35th ”Terra“ International symposium, six artists participate: Yuko Hihara from Japan, Igor Antić from France, Varol Topaç from Turkey, Grażyna Szymała-Wołyńska from Poland, Dragan Rajšić and Marko Crnobrnja from Serbia. Symposim lasts until July 31.

(photo – Igor Grandić, Foto Studio Sretenović)

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