Jelena Jakonić, paintings and drawings

Jelena Jakonic was born on May 18 in 1987 in Kikinda. Since her birth she has been dealing with serious health problems. Due to a cerebral hemorrhage her eyesight remained permanently damaged. Doctors predict total blindness in her later life..
Despite this problem, JeIena is engaged in drawing and painting. The part of her eyesight that is intact enables her to recognize colors and their shades, but not shapes. Jelena’s pictures are abstract compositions of colored surfaces which associate to landscapes of a seemingly recognizable real world. By the multiplication of stains and unclear shapes in various colors, her works turn into sensual vibrations. They reveal the visual phenomena of light refraction that human eye cannot recognize due to a reflexive reaction to a tridymensional space and shape.


Jelena finds the inspiration for her art in everyday family life. Being a partially sighted person her spatial moving is restricted while all the knowledge and experience that she gained during her childhood and early youth she owns to her mother who had been involved in pedagogical work before she gave birth to Jelena. In addition to this, Jelena enjoys reading and listening to folk tales and songs. Her favourite poets are Dragan Lukic and Dusko Radovic. Their wisdom became her life guide. A positive attitude and the zest for life are the basic emotions that Jelena delivers from her works of art. Altough she had not acquired a formal art education, several artists have noticed her unusual talent. Vera Djenge, the painter, who was her Arts teacher at school a thought her abstract art. Miroslavaa and Slobodanan Kojic, the respected sculptors, and Dragana Latinovic,her actual tutor, the artist and director, left a mark on her further creative and social development.

In addition to numerous solo exhibitions within the Organization of the blind “The North Banat Kikinda” and a group exhibition at the Fair of creativity OSI in the National Bank in Belgrade in 2014. Jelena participated with her works at the manifestation The Mammoth fest in the National Museum in Kikinda in 2014 and in the group exhibition “Art in a spiritual exile” in the Large Gallery of the House of Army in Belgrade in 2015.