On Tuesday December 5 in 12:30 in the building of former manège in Kikinda opened the unique Terra Museum. The permanent exhibition of the Terra Museum represents a chronologically organized exhibition set. It includes a selection of works from the Terra Symposium assortment, created during the past 36 years. Most of the participants of the Symposium are represented with at least one sculpture. For this occasion, the opening ceremony speech was given by the current mayor of Kikinda Mr. Pavle Markov, art critic Sava Stepanov, assistant to the minister of culture in charge of cultural heritage Mrs. Aleksandra Fulgossi and provincial secretary for culture, public information and relations with religious communities Mr. Miroslav Štatkić. The ceremony was also attended by the general consul of Montenegro in Vojvodina Mr. Miodrag Kankaraš, as well as by numerous artists, art historians and other visitors.

“This year we realized two great projects in the field of culture, one certainly being the Terra Museum.  In the forthcoming period, we plan to help and reconstruct a number of cultural institutions in the city to show that investment in culture is something of highest importance.” stressed Pavle Markov.

“Contemporary art has survived due to putting certain artefacts of nature in a gallery and proclaiming them artwork. Now that we have an artwork and put it in the gallery, it reaches higher dimensions. Now it can be noticed that each sculpture got its own meaning.” said Mirolav Štatkić.

Terra Museum is open Tue-Sat 9-17h.