(Srpski) Izložba “Priroda i društvo” Branislave Brandić

Friday, 19 January

A multimedia exhibition titled “Nature and Society” by author Branislav Brandić, a young photographic artist from Kikinda, was opened in the Terra Gallery on Friday, 19 January.

The concept of the exhibition “Nature and Society” consists of several media, and as the author says, each photo has its own separate story, a scene in which one of the two sides is shown. This is the second solo exhibition Branislav Brandić, who points out that she wanted this project to have some message and role.

“I am interested in ecology and I think that it is not sufficiently represented in everything. For this reason, I have done two sides, one that shows the deep connection of people with nature, and the other that talks about ignorance and neglect of nature.” – says Brandić.

The photographs were taken in the vicinity of Kikinda, at the end of last year. In addition to photographs, the exhibition presents an installation, which shows the importance of recycling as one of the environmental aspects, and a video that brings together photographs.

Branislava Brandić was born in 1990 in Kikinda. She completed the Applied Photography at the High Technical School of Professional Studies in Novi Sad as the best student of the graphic department. She participated in many collective exhibitions, while “Nature and Society” is her second solo exhibition. The winner has received several awards for the best use of photography. In addition to photography and videography, he also deals with graphic design.

(text-amiradio.rs, photo-Igor G.)