“TERRA YOUTH” exhibition in gallery Terra

On Friday, October 12th, right on 12 o’clock in full gallery Terra, an exhibition Terra Youth was officially opened. Terra Youth was realized within InclusiveArt project which is financed from the INTERREG IPA Cross Border Cooperation Romania Serbia. At the opening was speaking members of the project team from CLPU Terra, Corina Receanu, director of the project and Irena Kovač, one of the young artists who coordinated the culutral interventions.



video source: RTV

”Terra Youth” workshop – exhibition of children’s artworks

The Terra Youth workshop was held from 7th to 14th May 2018 in the Terra Studio, in Kikinda. Twenty pupils from elementary schools “6th October” and “Fejes Klara”, from Kikinda took part in the workshop. Work with children was carried out by young artists and students of Fine Arts from the Academy of Arts, Novi Sad and Academy of Arts Department within the West University, Timisoara. Mentoring and monitoring of work with children was performed by experts from the Terra Centre including: Slobodan Kojić and Miroslav Kojić, accomplished sculptors that have many years’ experience of working with children, and Milan Ramaji and Goran Ludajić, accredited conservators. Each participant made at least one small-scale sculpture throughout the course of the workshop. All the participants along with the students made a large-scale “collective” clay sculpture. When the exhibition ends, the large-scale sculpture is going to be donated to a Roma community in Romania, which took part in the InclusiveArt Project.
When the training for creativity and entrepreneurship was over, the young artists Irena Kovač, Ljubiša Nikolić, Kai David Melank and Vesna Simić, all from Kikinda, performed, as their final project, cultural interventions with disadvantaged children from the Roma community, Kikinda Municipality.
The intervention performed by Irena and Kai was based on the “action painting” technique involving little artists, dressed in protective clothing, who dipped their hands and feet into paint vats and then painted together a big canvas stretched on the ground.
Another cultural intervention, called “Leave the trace”, was focused on disadvantaged children. Ljubiša and Vesna chose terracotta for this purpose. Each young creative participant had a blank clay board in which he/she chiselled their trace.
The exhibition InclusiveArt in the Terra Gallery contains the works made at the Terra Youth workshop and in the two cultural interventions performed in the Terra Studio in May and June 2018.

The following pupils were involved in the TerraYouth workshop and cultural interventions: Sandro Radu, Marta Hušidić, Tanja Radu, Goran Lakatoš, David Markov, Danijel Feher, Gabrijel Paicu, Jovana Galčik, Jasmina Rajkov, Dragana Nedin, Kristina Vaštag, Andrija Dudej, Manuela Radu, Zlatko Jovanović, Nemanja Staletović, Sabrina Jon, Stefan Jon, Sebastian Kolin, Anastasija Konstantinov, Mirjana Radak, Dragan Todorović, Teodora Cucić, Darko Gavrilov, Andrijana Gan, Jožef Nađ, Dragan Miklja, Milica Radu, Nikola Reljin, Danijel Sokolov, Veselin Drobac, Hajrudin Mehičić, Ištvan Takač, Dalibor Cucić, Stanimir Jovanov, Maja Marinkov, Tibor Nađ, Hristijan Pavlov, Ivan Radak, Željka Glušica, Zoran Nemešev, Miloš Radu, Aleksandar Gavranov, Ferenc Jovanović, Desanka Radak, Ivana Radak, Siniša Radu, Đuro Glušica, Radovan Dokić, Kristian Nađ, Marko Francuski, Aleksandar Živković, Ivana Matejin, Đura Reljin, Boban Sekulin, Aleksandar Škapik, Dragoslav Mandić, Aleksandar Milosavljev, Damir Olajić, Mario Berar and Aleksa Bokan.


The Project ”InclusiveArt – Access to Culture for Disadvantaged Children and Youth” has been realised within the INTERREG IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme Romania – Serbia. The project included a lot of activities: workshops, educational sessions, performances and cultural interventions, fundamentally focused on facilitating the access to culture and art for children and young people from marginalised social groups. The project lasted 18 months and it has been implemented by four partners: The Intercultural Institute from Timisoara which has been the project leader and the project co-partners: The Association „Nevo Parudimos” from Resita, Zrenjanin City Council and the Terra Centre of Fine and Applied Arts from Kikinda. Terra Centre organised a creativity workshop, Terra Youth and two cultural interventions in cooperation with young creative people from Kikinda. Total budget of € 462 866.25, with an IPA of € 393 436.30.