Prokopović’s Exhibition “Habitat” opened in the gallery Terra

Friday, 22.February.,19 h u Jelena Prokopović’s “Habitat” was opened at the Terra gallery


(Image of relationship between personal space and general reality)

“The world we live in makes me think about itself as a great, self-sufficient and somewhat incomprehensible concept. We know it as it is, and we are forced to accept it as it is. This was the reason i was in need to create my own immanent world, formed by the symbols of logic and all other occurrences and entities that make it seem that way. This certainly reflects on my understanding of art, and also it is related to my own method for making the visual appearance of my art. These symbols in my work are extremely repetitive, and this represents the reflection of the contemporary society that became the cause and the victim of many information it get to know, eventually on daily bases. It is also important that each individual form has its own autonomy in the addition to this kind of repetitive mods of the drawing. Therefore, I create my own habitat of similar forms that reach the emptiness to themselves with their unity and density, both at the same time drawing attention to themselves and also creating a monolith object – same way as it happens in a society. Individuality may be lost in the group, but this isn’t necessarily a negative phenomenon. By this I point to the contemporary world which we live in and which led us to this stage of social relations. The apathy of the broad masses has a similarly negative impact on society, as the social engagement about one idea would have had a positive effect. Therefore I call to the understanding that an individual in a group has greater strength and power, and that his identity in it might not be completely lost, but it could be recognized, and saved by its worth.”

Jelena Prokopović

JELENA PROKOPOVIĆ was born in 1992 in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia. She graduated from department of Sculpture at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in 2015 and mentored by Borislava Nedeljković Prodanović. Jelena have took part in exhibitions yet 2010 and she won several awards for her work during the studies, such as Academy of Arts in Novi Sad Award for the best artwork in the artistic discipline of Sculpture (2015), Academy of Arts Novi Sad Award for the best life-size act (2014) and the First Prize at the “Lazar Vozarević” Art Salon Srem (2012).
In her work she explores relation between immanent space and reality she lives in. She continues her work in series, in order to create her own scene as an imaginary environment with intention to drag the viewer into this surreal world.
Jelena is currently at the final year of master studies mentored by doc Aleksandar Bunčić, and through this last series she is preparing her final work for MA solo show.