Public Procurments and Contests

Selected participants for Terra 2020, International Terracotta Symposium:


1.Nicolae Moldovan – Romania

Born on June 23, 1970 in Bucharest, He graduated in 1998 from the Academy of Arts, Bucharest, Department of
ceramics. Since 2004 he has been a member of the Association of Fine Artists (FAU) of Romania, a branch in Bucharest, and since 2015 – a member
the group that started the Galatea Gallery in Bucharest and a member of the International Academy of Ceramics in Geneva,
Switzerland. He has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Romania, Europe and Asia. Participant
numerous art colonies in Europe and Asia. Winner of significant awards, including the Mac Award
Constantinescu for Ceramics 1996, Biennial of Decorative Arts Award 2016
More detailed information can be found on the artist’s website:

2. Marc Leuthold – USA

Mark Leuthold’s sculptures have been included in the collections of the Metropolitan and Brooklin Museums and the Museum of Art and Design, as well as numerous collections outside the US – South Korea, Turkey, Switzerland, Japan. Critic John Perreault noted: “One looks and looks for artists who break history, bend down the descent, forcing it to connect the dots in new ways, even distract from some. Leuthold is one such. ”
Marc Leuthold is the son of European immigrants and interested in different cultural experiences. His work reflects the influence of the arts of Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean.
He is a professor at New York State University and has taught at Princeton University and the Parsons School of Design. He is one of forty Americans who is a lifetime member of the International Ceramics Academy. He has exhibited in numerous exhibitions around the world and participated in numerous colonies and artistic residencies. You can find a detailed CV at:

3. Tamami Ichimura – Japan

Born in Shizuoka in 1987, 2011. She holds a Master’s Degree from the Joshibi University School of Fine Arts. Her book Matura won the “Best Work Award” / Joshibi University of Art and Design, University of Arts and Design 2009 (Kanagawa). She has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Japan and participated in several colonies, symposiums and artistic residency programs around the world. You can read more at:

4. Tatjana Sekulić – Croatia

Tamara Sekulić was born in 1991. She graduated from the School of Textile, Design and Applied Arts in Osijek. She graduated in 2017. at the Academy of Arts in Osijek, department of fine arts – module sculpture, under the mentorship of Denis Krašković. He is active in various fields of visual and applied art. In addition to art, she is also involved in fine arts and pedagogical work, through which she also designed and led various art projects and art workshops. Her primary medium of expression is sculpture through which she most often designs geometric forms of clean and clear lines with environmental and social themes and issues. From 2018 is a member of HDLU Osijek. He lives and works in Osijek. See more about the artist at

5. Mirjana Blagojev – Serbia

Mirjana Blagojev was born in Zrenjanin in 1974. She graduated (2000) with a master’s degree (2007) from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. She completed her master studies at the Ecole Supèrieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, France in the direction of Object-glass (2005). She is currently pursuing her Doctoral studies at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, where she is employed in the subject of sculpture as an assistant professor. He is a member of SULUV and ESGAA (European Studio Glass Art Association). She has participated in the realization of numerous international projects as well as in numerous art symposia and colonies, exhibited at several solo and group exhibitions in the country and abroad, realized study visits in the form of lectures and workshops at the Universities of Pécs, Hungary, Faculty of Architecture Prague, Czech Republic, Academy Fine Arts and Design Bratislava, Slovakia, Academy of Arts, Split.

6. Slobodan Stojanović – Serbia

Slobodan Dane Stojanović, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, sculpture department, in 1970. Member of ULUS since 1975.Organized 30 solo exhibitions, the most famous of which are at ULUS Gallery in Belgrade 2002, exhibitions at SANU, branch in Novi Sad, 2001,2013, at Platoneum Gallery. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in the country and abroad. He is a participant of many colonies and author of the Janis Janulis Monument in Corfu, the Jovan Cvijic Monument / the Jovan Cvijic Museum in Beogad /, the author of the Sculpture Colony in Wood / Kalemegdan / His works are in the National Museum in Belgrade, in the Museum of the City of Belgrade, in the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Pancevo, Smederevo, Novi Sad, Apatin, Paracin, Nis, Krusevac and others. Member of ULUS Veterans Committee, and winner of awards and honors.

7. Branislav Nikolić – Serbia

Born in Sabac, Serbia, in 1970. 1991/1995 Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia. 1997/2002 MFA studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia. 1998/2001 MFA studies at the Netherlands Institute of Art, Enschede, The Netherlands. 1997/1998 He teaches at the School of Arts in Sabac, Serbia. Member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS) since 1995. Member of the international art group Nev Remote and the independent art association Kolektiv. Along with Kosta Bogdanovic and Rajko Boskovic, they wrote textbooks for visual arts 1, 2, 3 and 4 for the first four grades of elementary school. Selector of the Jalovik Art Colony since 2002. Currently he works as an art editor and designer. More information at: