Terra Museum

Reconstruction and adaptation of the manège of Kikinda’s former military barracks – the future Terra Museum – is slowly entering its final phase. The work on this object, initially constructed for dressage and training of horses and was the second largest object of such kind in the entire Austro-Hungarian monarchy, began in 2012. To date, a complete reconstruction and conservation of the roof, horizontal moisture insulation and flooring of 1800m2 of the future exhibition space have been carried out. By these interventions, the building has been saved from possible collapse and further decay, and also Kikinda gained a unique space for adequate housing and presentation of the sculptures created in our town during the past three and a half decades. Hitherto, the work has been financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information, the Cultural Secretariat of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the Town hall of Kikinda. Thanks to the recently awarded grant from the Ministry of Culture and Information to Kikinda within the framework of the Ministry’s program City of Focus, as well as the financial support from Petroleum Industry of Serbia, works on the annex of the building have been continued. This part of the object will have a multimedia space – gallery, offices and other auxiliary facilities. The opening of the Terra Museum, which will be housing the most of the sculptures created on Terra Symposium, is scheduled for fall 2017.