Symposium Terra

International sculpture symposium  in terracotta Terra was founded in 1982. Since then, it takes place every year from 1st to 31st July in Kikinda, in the building of the former tile factory- industrial architecture building, built in the 1895th year. At the symposium Terra each year there are   from five to eight artists (participants) from Serbia and abroad. In terms of large format sculpture in terracotta and contemporary art, symposium Terra is certainly unique in the world in that area.

So far, at a symposium Terra attended over 200 sculptors from Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Hungary, Holland,Italy, France, Norway, Great Britain, Austria, Turkey, Germany, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain , Israel, Egypt, USA, Mexico, Peru, Argentina,India, Bangladesh, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

The holdings of the symposium Terra is over 1000 sculptures created during the three decades of existence the symposium. A number of statues are exhibited in the area around the former factory of tiles in which the symposium takes place, in parks IGM”Toza Markovic” in Kikinda municipality building and the town square. One of the achievements of these sculptures is part of the permanent collection of the National Museum of Kikinda.

Sculptures from the holdings of the symposium and Terra are presented in numerous exhibitions in many cities in Serbia and abroad.

Acts created the Terra symposia presented to the audience in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Pancevo, Subotica, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Ljubljana, Ribnica, Karlovac, Bar, Venice,Paris, Timisoara, Resita, Kiskunfelegyhaza, Kecskemet …

Sculptures made at the symposium Terra present to the audience at the annual exhibitions that take place in early July each year in the gallery Terra, as well as part ofthe town square. Opening of the exhibition also marks the year the solemn beginning of the current symposium Terra.