• 05/12/2020/

  • Galerija ,,Terra"

Group exhibition of the art group “Vanzemljaci” in the Terra Gallery

An exhibition of the art group “Vanzemljaci” is underway at the Terra Gallery. Behind the intriguing play on words is a group of about twenty creators of various creative expressions and artistic sensibilities. Paintings, drawings, origami figures, matches – all that is part of this unusual setting. The gathering of artists and their cooperation grew into the idea of showing their works to the interested audience in the official gallery space.

Grupna izložba umetničke grupe ,,Vanzemljaci" u galeriji ,,Terra".

Milorad Dagovic – Dago

Milorad Dagović – Dago  TRACES OF IDENTITY born in Užice. He graduated from Art School in Saraj...

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Marija Jeftić Dajić – ,,Ritual inclusion’’ – Inclusive type of cultural spectacle

An exhibition of sculptures by Marija Jeftić Dajić – “Ritual Inclusion” – ...

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Mila Guardiol – ,,QUO VADIS?”

An exhibition of paintings, by Mila Guardiol entitled ,,QVO VADIS” opened at the Terra Gallery...

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Teodora Rakidzic – Architecture of Silence

An exhibition of paintings, drawings and art books by Teodora Rakidzic entitled “Architecture ...

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