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Teodora Rakidzic – Architecture of Silence

An exhibition of paintings, drawings and art books by Teodora Rakidzic entitled “Architecture of Silence” opened at the Terra Gallery on Friday, October 4.

From catalogue  – ,,It is difficult, and perhaps impossible, for me to view Theodora’s work by excluding or neglecting our sisterly closeness. I am not sure when this review of her works ceases to be just that, an analysis of one of the possible cross-sections of her work so far, and when it becomes a review of her character. Each of Theodora’s works usually has a very specific title, which dispels the idea that a given performance should be a movement towards an abstract composition. The name of the work refers to a very specific thought or association that she deals with during the creative process. These art studies, however, are reduced appearances and geometrized forms, which suggest her aspiration towards harmony and organization, towards planning the next step. It seems to me that Teodora’s method of mastering artistic motives starts from the focus on the specific thought that lies in the title of the work and reaches its culmination in thoughtful visual content. And the basic content of one of her compositions is light. Contrasting scenes of the interiors or facades create oblique, caricatured shadow chessboards and planes that collide and intersect in the battle for space on her paper or canvas. Light as a concept, in its meaning, carries either fullness or a brilliant emptiness, implying a certain infinity, endlessness. Theodora’s diligent studies attempt to tame, explain and articulate this vagueness. They build frames and patterns, fields and plans, organize and calm the dazzling white canvas, the frightening emptiness and blinding light. The newly created plans are not just elements of a larger artistic expression. They are small images, highly materialized fields, which sing to us reasonably about the age of surfaces, about traces and histories. Muted, layered and composed strokes suggest what the floors and walls of the monumental compositions are made of. The monumentality of these works is not shown in their size, but in the courage to fill the space of the painting. Two seemingly contradictory things characterize Theodora’s work, precisely this monumentality on the one hand and detail on the other. This detail is a corner, a crook, a piece of wall, a unique focus, the field of her contemplation. This detail is the loneliness of one long moment or one small eternity. When I see her new work, I see her before that work, her, who, in the chaos of the uncertainty of the day and the unpredictability of the environment, is making her persistent plan, staring at the very edge of events. And in that detail, she reveals an entire universe”

Mina Rakidžić

Teodora Rakidžić – was born in 1995 in Belgrade. She graduated from the 13th Belgrade Grammar School. She completed her undergraduate studies in 2019 and received her master’s degree in 2020 at the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in the class of Prof. Branko Raković. She has been attending doctoral art studies since 2020 at the same Department. In 2019, she attended the Painting Course of the Summer Academy of Arts in Salzburg, in the class of Prof. Svenja Deininger. In the same year, she participated in the workshop Notes on the Approaches of German Artist Katharina Hinsberg at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. Since 2021, she has been employed at the faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, as a trainee researcher.

Teodora rakidžić - ARHITEKTURA TIŠINE

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