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Alain le Bourgocq was born in Lesneven in France in 1954 and after completing university studies in the field of visual arts in Rennes in the early 1980s he attended the ‘Pietro Vannucci’ Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia and graduated in painting with the artist Nuvolo with an experimental thesis in Art History with Bruno Corà. His first works are characterized as the verification of assumptions and tautologies regarding thought and the constituent elements of making art where writing, the definition of place and methods become the object of artistic speculation. In recent years this attitude has been defined in the works through the use of significant materials specific to building: plaster, wood, tar, cement, iron become part of a language with which the question of their constitutive possibilities of the space, public or private of the artist, of mimicry and laterality compared to a dominance of other formal assumptions and operational methods. One of the most interesting artists in the panorama of the city of Perugia in the eighties and nineties, he is an active promoter of the cultural association for the visual arts Opera and participates in exhibitions in Italy in public and private spaces including: “TIR” (Perugia, 1986 ),” FABBRICA” (Gall. Minini, Brescia), “2 or 3 degrees of latitude south-east of Dada” (Gall. Il Milione, Milan, 1991), “Arte futuro” (Incontri Internazionale d’Arte, Spoleto, 1991), “Micce: how it becomes what it is” (public action, Sala della Vaccara, Perugia, 1992), “Fiumara d’arte”, Pettineo ME, 1993), “Presenze” (CERP, Rocca Paolina, Perugia, 1993 ), “Index” (personal exhibition, Studio A’87, Spoleto, 1995), “Forma Urbis: XXIII Biennale, Gubbio, 1996). He died in Perugia in May 2001.

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