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Bogdan Vukosavljević

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He was born on June 13, 1980. In Belgrade

In 1999, he entered the FLU Sculpture Department
In 2005, he graduated in the class of regular professor Slavoljub Caja Radojčić
In 2006, he enrolled in specialist studies in the class of professor Dušan Petrović
In 2007, he acquired the certificate and status of a specialist for the material wood
In 2007, he became a member of ULUS
In 2009, he enrolled in doctoral studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade in the class of professor Dušan Petrović
In 2010, he carried out and designed a sculpture project in public space – “Sofora Bench” in the Academic Park in Belgrade
2012 Organized a solo exhibition of sculptures “The Speech of Materials” in the Gallery of Kolarč National University in Belgrade
2016 Organized a solo exhibition as part of artistic doctoral studies “Rethinking the potential of wood – artistic genealogy of the use of wood towards new possibilities of sculpture” at the FLU Gallery in Belgrade
In 2016, he successfully completed his doctoral studies at the University of Belgrade. He participated in many group exhibitions in the country and abroad.

Text from the catalog – …Bogdan Vukoslavljević – The central theme of my artistic research and existence is related to involvement in the topic of ecology, and therefore it is my firm position and obligation as an artist to record this moment with my works and to contribute to the understanding of this problem.
A sculptor by vocation, Vukoslavljević has been engaged in discovering the beauty and possibilities of wood as a material for more than two decades. He lets the material speak, trying to extract from it hidden forms, but also answers to questions concerning general life challenges. He applies this respect for the material in his work with terracotta, creating the monumental vertical work Dobro Drvo, three and a half meters high, as a modern totem of humanity – that is, the message that only united with nature can we expect a brighter future for our descendants. The artist is preoccupied with the theme of life and its metamorphoses, with an accent on birth, and the titles of the works represent the key to their understanding and complement his thoughts when shaping the sculptures. These sculptures, in the sculptural process of addition and subtraction, form new semantic layers, summarizing the patterns of the life that is yet to come.

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