Dušan B. Marković



Born in Belgrade in 1948
In 1974, he graduated from the FLU in Belgrade
In 1977, he completed postgraduate studies at FLU
In 1980 he stayed at the National Hoger Institute in Antwerp, Belgium (scholarship of the Belgian government)

Solo exhibitions
1973. Amsterdam, Netherlands, gallery T, sculpture in aluminum
1974. Belgrade, “Sculptures and drawings”, Dom Omladine Gallery
1975. Novi Sad, “Paintings and Drawings”, Youth Forum Salon
1976. Belgrade, “Graphics and Drawings”, Gallery Grafički kolektiv
1977. Belgrade, “Sculptures and graphics”, Youth Gallery
1979. Belgrade, “Sculptures and gouache”, KNU Gallery
1979. Kragujevac, “Sculptures and graphics”, Small Art Gallery of the National Museum
1980. Antwerp (Belgium), “Drawings and Objects”, National Hoger Institute, Cazin, Ostržac Castle, drawings
1982. Belgrade, “Drawings and small plastic”, Gallery Grafički kolektiv
1983. Niš, “Works 73-83”, Salon 77
1984. Belgrade, “Sculptures and Pictures”, Cultural Center Gallery; Čačak, “Sculptures and pictures”, Dom kulture Gallery
1986. Belgrade, “Nostalgia of the Billiard Master”, paintings and objects, Old Captain’s Gallery, Bor, “Seller of Illusions”, sculptures, Museum of Metallurgy Gallery
1991. Belgrade, “Pictures and Objects”, ULUS Gallery
1993. Belgrade, “Parisian Diary”, works on paper, Gallery Grafički kolektiv
1996. Belgrade, “Riders of the Constellations”, objects and drawings, Cepter Gallery
1997. Belgrade, “Study of hand, nail and spiral”, objects and drawings, Haos Gallery
1998. Budva, “Riders of Constellations II”, objects, Arkade Gallery
2000. Niš, “Sculptures and paintings”, Gallery Serbia
2001. Nicosia (Cyprus), “Scream in two lines”, Melina Merkuri Center
2001. Belgrade, “About size – language debate”, objects, ULUS Gallery
2002. Oslo (Norway), “About the …”, objects and drawings, Yugoslav Cultural Center; Drobak (Norway), “About the …”, objects and drawings, Bryggerhuset Gallery
2003. Požega, “On genealogy…”, objects and pictures, City Gallery
2004. Vranje, “About division…”, objects and paintings, Gallery of the National Museum
2006. Belgrade, “About division”, objects, Graphic Collective Gallery; Belgrade, “On Castration”, paintings and objects, Cvjeta Zuzorić Art Pavilion
2007. Budva, “On synchronicity”, pictures, Gradteatar, Santa Marija Gallery
2008. Belgrade, “Matrix”, sculptures, National Gallery Belgrade
2011. Belgrade, “About happiness”, pictures, Haos Gallery
2012. Belgrade, “About camouflage”, objects, Prodajna galerija Belgrade
2013. Budapest (Hungary), “Left, left, left…”, spatial installation, Serbian Cultural Center Gallery
2015. Belgrade, “Tvorac Tornado”, Cvjeta Zuzorić Art Pavilion; “Digital collage – 20 years of Haos Gallery”, Haos Gallery
2018. Dubai, UAE, “Eight drawing projects”, alternative space
2018. Belgrade, “How much up, how much down”, gallery 73, objects
2019. Belgrade, “On the death of the patron, the flood and apostolic signs”, Cvjeta Zuzorić Art Pavilion;
2020. Niš, “On the Author’s Intentions”, SLU Gallery, Pavilion in the Fortress
2022. Belgrade, gallery 73, art project “Slavan, White, Tied”, paintings and installations, Lazarevac, contemporary gallery, art project “And geometry was ashamed”, paintings by Kikinda, gallery Terra, art project “After” flood”, painted wood Belgrade, gallery Belgrade, art project “Autopsy of a black astragon fur coat”, installations


1968. Belgrade, prize for the sculpture “Youth amateur painters”, Dom Omladine
1969. Belgrade, “50 years of SKJ”, third award for sculpture
1973. Belgrade, “Ilija Kolarević Fund for Sculpture at FLU” Belgrade, “First Prize for Painting JK – Berlin 73” Belgrade, “Third Prize for Sculpture JK – Berlin 73”
1974. Vrnjačka Banja, “First prize for LVS sculpture”
1976. Belgrade, “Plaque of the Golden Feather of Belgrade”
1977. Belgrade, “Sreten Stojanović Fund for FLU sculpture”
1980. Belgrade, “ULUS award for small plastic”
1988. Belgrade, “UEPS Face of the Year Award”, Grmeč, Miki Mićović, video author Dušan B. Marković
1989. Belgrade, “Golden chisel of ULUS” 1989. Belgrade, “First prize Prostor 89”
1998. Novi Sad, Design Award P.K.N.S.

Collective exhibitions
Since 1967, he has been exhibiting at collective exhibitions.

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July 2006

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