Terra, Center for Fine and Applied Arts

Welcome to the official website of the Center for Fine and Applied Arts Terra!

Center for Fine and Applied Arts of Terra’s cultural institutions whose main activity isexhibition, and it is implemented through solo and group exhibitions taking place in the gallery Terra in Kikinda, and at other locations in the country and abroad, organized bythe institution.

In addition to exhibition activities, the Center for Fine and Applied Arts Terra organizes an international symposium titled large-format sculptures in terracotta, a unique artistic event of this kind. Terra Centre can boast an unbroken tradition of thirty years of organizing sculptural symposium of the same name.

  • 4. Jul. 2020.

Selected participants for the XXXIX International Terracotta Sculpture Symposium Terra 2020

Following the decision of the Artistic Council of the Terra Center for the Fine and Applied Arts, the following participants were selected for the 39th Terra 2020 International Symposium on Sculpture: 1. Anna Korver – New Zealand Anna Korver is currently living and working in Taranaki, New Zealand. She has been a professional sculptor since […]