The project “Production of three-dimensional digital objects of movable cultural heritage in the Terra Museum” is a continuation of the continuous process of digitization in the Terra Center, which was started in 2019. This phase of the project in 2022 includes the selection, scanning, creation of 3D digital objects for 84 sculptures from the Terra Center collection, as well as their software processing and presentation on the institution’s website.

The created 3D objects, visible on the center’s website, along with the presentation of the sculpture collection from the Terra Museum’s fundus on the Cultural Heritage of Republic of Serbia Search Engine, represent a step forward in the protection of movable cultural heritage and in the further presentation, dissemination and popularization of the collection and the Museum itself, and thus the project itself and the entire process digitization of the collection makes it coherent with the Strategy for the Development of Culture of the Republic of Serbia 2020 – 2029 and the Strategic Priorities of Culture Development until 2025.

The project was implemented with the funds of the Ministry of Culture and Public Information of the Republic of Serbia, approved by the Competition for financing or co-financing of projects in the field of digitization of cultural heritage and contemporary creativity in 2022, as well as with CLPU Terra’s own funds.

Marc Leuthold

Milan Ramaji

Karen Macher Nesta

Yuko Hihara

Dragan Rajsic

Dragan Rajšić

Milorad Panic

Rados Antonijevic

Miroslava Kojic

Anne Mercedes

Zvonimir Santrac

Yin Xiaofeng

Kim Hyeog Soo

Isak Aslani

Zlatko Glamocak

Wade Saunders

Noriko Shibata

Marko Ladjusic

Tatiana Novozilova Preminger

Vladimir Peric

Adalberto Bonilla Garcia

Adalberto Bonilla Garcia

Jeroen Meijer

Shoko Ejiri

Shin Eun Sook

Dragana Ilic

Kodai Hihara

Pavle Pejovic

Sreten Milatovic

Dusan Otasevic

Nenad Soskic

Tamara Rakic

Dušan Petrovic

Zdravko Joksimovic

Milivoje Babovic

Milija Glisic

Olga Jevric

Meric Hizal

Ivan Kozaric

Chung Bowon

Panciano Flores Cabezas

Mirsad Begic

Mustafa Skopljak

Timothy Fox

Yasuo Kuwahara

Drago Trsar

Tomislav Kauzlaric

Mojca Smerdu

Branko Ruzic

Antun Babic

Dragica Cadez

Ljubomir Denkovic

Milun Vidic

Aleksandar Zarin

Slobodan Kojic

Nandor Glid

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