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Bogdan Vukosavljevic – Seedlings

The exhibition “Seedlings” of wood sculptures by Belgrade artist Bogdan Vukosavljevic has opened at the Terra Gallery of Fine and Applied Arts and will be open until June 7.

“I love Kikinda very much, it has grown in my heart since my boyhood days, but I still remember the” Belef Festival “in 2008, when I exhibited my egg-shaped works in front of the City Library. Eight sculptures made in different types of wood are on display. For example, it is interesting that I came to the American redwood, a very rare species of conifers in this area, but there is also the Japanese sophora pagoda, Ash and Brest, and it takes me about a month and a half to make a sculpture. Wood has been the subject of my research and interest since I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Such material has always attracted me because of its warmth, and it also gives me a chance to constantly explore. I am turned towards an ordinary person, I try and try to arouse different emotions in people with my works, and I am very happy with the impressions of children and adults after the exhibition that they want to share with me. These sculptures of mine are specific, and my artistic creation and research is related to birth, the celebration of life, through fruits and zoomorphic forms. I wanted to show the audience in Kikinda my research, everything is related to nature, while in some sculptures I wanted to emphasize the structure where it was needed, the structure of the tree itself. The material always led me to the final ending, I tried to always emphasize it and keep it in the foreground. I hope that even in such difficult times, an exhibition like this will bring a smile to the faces of the people of Kikinda “- said Vukosavljević. (source: https://kikindanews.com)

More about the artist you can find HERE

(video source: TVKikinda)


Bogdan Vukosavljevic - Seedlings

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