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The Terra Atelier is housed in a former roof tile factory, the former Second Production Unit of IGM Toza Marković, an old industrial-style building that was built in 1895.

The Atelier was renovated in 2010 and currently serves as a unique workspace for artists. The total working area of the Terra Atelier is 600 square meters. The facility is equipped to the highest standards and offers a wide range of possibilities for its users.

In the Atelier, special attention is immediately drawn to the kiln for baking sculptures, which is of a unique size, 2.5 meters high. It is this kiln that has enabled artists to create large-scale monolithic sculptures at that height and beyond. In addition to this kiln, six other kilns of different dimensions are also in operation.

The Terra Atelier is located at Danila Kosića Street bb, Kikinda.


Atelje „Terra” nalazi se na adresi Danila Kosića bb, Kikinda.

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