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Alessia Forconi

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She was born in Rome on October 10, 1975. She graduated from IV Liceo Artistico in Rome in 1995, and then enrolled in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, with prof. Alfio Mongelli.
Attending different courses, he learns the techniques of working with cast steel and aluminum, but above all he acquires the methodology of designing sculptures. In the world of Roman art, she often visits the studios of various sculptors and, fascinated by marble and encouraged to have more direct contact with the material, decides to finish her academic studies in Carrara at the chair of prof. PG Balochi, where he finds a lively and fruitful working environment.
He also practices in city laboratories: “studio Nicoli” and “Statuaria Marmi”.
In October 2001, she graduated from the Academy in Carrara with 110 cum laude votes.
He is currently teaching modeling at the Academy of Fine Arts “Isidora Duncan” in San Remo.
She has been exhibiting since 1996, in parallel with her studies and work as a teacher.

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