Bertret Pascal



Bertret Pascal

He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bourges, France. He is an independent artist.

“The problem of mastering clay, especially in a really large format, arose from the first day. It is rich expressive material. He would use it in all aspects. It can be shaped, cut, printed… In addition, it is also a basic material that is incorporated into people’s houses. I am interested in the processes during creation. In each stage, new possibilities are discovered and shown.”
“I broke a prejudice. So far I have used various materials: earth, beeswax, algae that leave marks on glass…and now clay, which is a new and beautiful challenge for me. The form is not so important to me, the idea that I develop while working is more important to me. The symbiosis of pre-planned, momentary inspiration and even coincidences produce unexpected results”.

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July 1998

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