Djordjević Mirjana – Thaler



Djordjević Mirjana – Thaler


1994 graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and from 1996 to 1998 attended and completed master’s studies at the Kunstakademija in Dusseldorf. In parallel with her studies, since 1989 she has been professionally present on the domestic and international art scene, as well as at group exhibitions where she received significant awards. She had her first performance at the 16th Biennale of Young Yugoslav Artists in Rijeka in 1989. At the same time, as a student of the III guidance program at FLU, she received the award “Young talents” Inex – interexport. 1992. at the 4th International Asian-European Art Biennale in Ankara, as the only YU participant, he received the first – gold award. In 1993, at the end of the 5th year of studies at FLU – Belgrade, he exhibited at the Biennale in Venice at the exhibition “Coexistence of Art”. In the same year, she received an award for painting from the fund of Rista and Beta Vukanović. In 1994, she received an award at the 1st Biennale of Young Yugoslav Artists. In the same year, together with Ivan Ilić, he participated in the exhibition “Europe 94” – young European art in Munich. 1995 In February, she exhibited at the annual exhibition of students at the Kunst Academy Dusseldorf. In September, she exhibited, in the Gallery of SKC Belgrade, the work done at the SARTID 1913 factory in Smederevo.

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