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Florance Tors

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bourges, sculpture department. Slobodan is an artist. “I am interested in the transformation of the land that settles. That mass of earth that presses everything, that boils. I am interested in both the compact space of the earth and the personal need to explore the relationship between the demand for strictness of form and the material that resists it, that is, how it all lives together”.
In a way, Florence depersonalizes clay as a material, making segments of the future installation – strips of differently colored clay. “The first thing I saw from the plane, arriving in Yugoslavia, were fields crossed with multicolored stripes. An incredible experience that I transfer to my work. In the earth, not only because of fertility, there is something sensual, feminine. That energy is felt in the terracotta works, even when the sensibility is not enhanced by the form, that is, by the visual effect”.

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July 1998

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