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Hanna Kyseleva

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Hana Kiselova is a sculptor from Ukraine, currently residing in Portugal, whose works have been exhibited on the international art scene. In addition, her art is in the permanent collections of the Ukrainian Museum of Modern Art and the Kyiv Museum of History. Kiselova describes the “artistic path” as marked by change, as such, themes, images, style and her understanding of form are constantly marked by change.

Text from the catalog…- Creativity preserves, protects, holds and makes us invulnerable. – Hana Kiseleva
The Ukrainian artist, sculptor (Hanna Kyseleva) is coming to Kikinda for the second time, but not by chance, but completely in accordance with the time and situation that colored the whole world in 2022. Her “artistic journey” or journey is marked by a quest, therefore as such the themes, images, style as well as understanding of form are constantly marked by change. Turning to figuration and self-questioning at the symposium, she created a work called Integrity, which illustrates the embrace and symbiosis of a woman and an animal from the cat family.

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