Jessica Dekkers



Jesicca Dekkers

Artist from the Netherlands. She graduated from the Academy of Arts in Maastricht. Slobodan is an artist. He is engaged in sculpture and painting.
The texture of the surface and the tactile moment, which are an important part of her sculpture, are very important to her creativity. Her human and sculptural sensuality came to full expression in the sculptures she makes respecting the nature of the material and using all its pliable benefits, but also in contrast with people. Concentrated energy in the space, which itself radiates energy, the possibility of socializing and exchanging experiences, but also the opportunity for a person to be alone and to be alone in this “kingdom of sculpture”.
“The fascinating possibility of building large-format sculptures from this material, which can survive even in an open space, changes my previous understanding of terracotta, and the wonderful people around me give me the strength to start a new adventure of sculpting.”

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July 1998

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