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Was born in Backnang, Baden-Württemberg. She lives and works in Munich. Her studies as a master student in the class of Prof. N.N. Prangenberg/Karstieß at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich were followed, among other things, by a scholarship at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris and a major socio-cultural commitment. Her numerous exhibition projects include participation in the Biennale in Lindau and in the exhibition “Identity Not Proven” in the Bundeskunsthalle, as one of her works is in the Federal Republic’s collection.

Tekst iz kataloga – …My idea was to create worm-like anthropomorphic forms – the lowest forms of animal life – that at the same time merge with balancing forces. In my sculptures, I question human existence, with all its abysses and extremes, and therefore in the creative process I search for forms of “in-betweenness”. – Julia Klemm
Starting from the amorphous status of something that does not yet fully exist and whose existential formation is still uncertain, the sculptures of German artist Julia Klemm allude to bodies that deny gender and identity. In this way, the author challenges the observer to endure this ambivalence and fill the “gaps” themselves, that is, to complete the works with their own experiences. At the symposium, she created a series of sculptures titled Uncertain Likeness that talks about change, the annulment of the hierarchy between living and non-living things, as well as a moment that excludes any clear definition. Her works in clay explain how fire and water, people and worms, air and earth, fuse to produce the final outcome. By translating the worm, low and close to the ground, from insignificance into a powerful aesthetic trope, the artist proposes a framework for understanding this unusually living nature. She offers the worm as an archetypal figure for reshaping the evolution of the artistic order, as a rich humus of natural-artistic research and creativity.

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