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Lazar Marković

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Born in Novi Sad in 1960. He graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, at the Department of Fine Arts, Group for Fine Arts and Pedagogy. He obtained the title of academic graphic artist-art pedagogue in 1991. He graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, majoring in graphics. As a painter and graphic artist, he exhibited 47 solo exhibitions and about 180 collective exhibitions in the country and abroad.

(Rome, Tokyo, Dortmund, Miami, Amsterdam, Thessaloniki, Lodz, Miskolc, Budapest, Holabrun, Skopje, Belgrade, Novi Sad…). He exhibited photography at 6 solo exhibitions.

In addition to diplomas in the artistic profile, he also holds a master’s degree in theology issued by the Protestant Theological Faculty in Novi Sad and a master’s degree in management issued by the Faculty of Management, Union University in Belgrade.

Text from katalogue – … In my work, I am never guided by a theme, but I try to solve a visual problem that preoccupies me at a given moment and is in the domain of basic elements of fine arts. – Lazar Marković
An abstract artist from Novi Sad, Marković found his artistic expression in the space between graphics, painting, and photography, but also in terracotta sculpture, which he perfected as a student of the first generation of specialist studies at the Academy in Novi Sad. The artist’s vision is directed towards the very essence of things, towards the landscapes that lead through the material and the abstract, the real and the imaginary, the intimate and the universal. His eclecticism in knowledge and practice stems from the need to discover hidden contents, evident in a series of almost identical multi-membered, cross-shaped elements that make up these untitled works.

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