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Rossitza Trendafilova

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Rossitza Trendafilova is a  experienced award-winning Bulgarian professional sculptor. Born in 1953 in the town of Samokov, Bulgaria, in 1978 she graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia-city. In 1987 her first solo exhibition took place in the capital city. Ever since that Rossitza has been an active Bulgarian sculptor with many solo and group exhibitions not only in Bulgaria but also in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Egypt, Hungary and the Czech Republic. In her artistic career she has received numerous prestigious awards in Bulgaria, Croatia and France for her art technology inventions in sculpting with colour porcelain and chamotted fire clay. Some of her latest artworks are exhibited at Artfinder and there will be more original art from her to come. Since September 2019 she started working with the Bulgarian Integrated Artists Gallery in Sofia-city. Now this collaboration is leading to the successful distribution worldwide of nearly 20 original artworks of hers, overall online exposure and development of her art style and working technique.

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