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Sanja Radusin Smiljanić

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Born in 1989 in Novi Sad. In 2017, he finished his basic studies in sculpture at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in the class of professor Tomislav Todorović. 2018. Becomes a member of SULUV. In 2019, he finishes his master’s studies in sculpture at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad with professor Mirjana Blagojev. 2020. Enrolls in Specialist Studies – Terracotta Sculpture at the same academy. 2019/20. She worked as a teaching associate at the Department of Sculpture at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. She exhibited at several independent and collective exhibitions, participated in several colonies and workshops. She is the winner of two awards, the 2017 Stanišić Art Foundry Award, as well as the annual award of the Department of Fine Arts for the most successful artistic work in the artistic discipline of sculpture. The starting point in her work is nature and the changes that take place in it. Her artistic research is related to finding the connection between sculptural form and nature. Exploring the specifics of the climate of Vojvodina, Kikinda where he lives and creates. Through ephemeral works in nature, an art installation is realized in the gallery space dominated by terracotta as a material.

Catalogue text – Sanja Smiljanić conceptualized her relationship with nature. The artist transposes various landscape and natural phenomena into authentic sculptural solutions. Most often, these are “puzzle” sculptures – with which the artist reveals the “secrets” of nature, reexamines the basic sculptural elements (material, mass, space) and sovereignly defines her own aesthetic system.

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