• 10/05/2024

International Masterclass Terra 2024

On Friday, April 10, the “International Masterclass Terra 2024” was held at the Terra Museum, a project that includes lectures by visiting professors from the art academies from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Cetinje, Tirana, Timisoara, Rijeka and Osijek.

As part of the masterclasses, the following lectures were held for the visitors present:

“The Folkloric Spirit Through the Form. In the case of Tirana recent architectural development” – Remijon Pronja, PhD candidate, Polis University of Tirana
“Rubber Concrete” – Margareta Lekić, PhD, assistant professor, Academy of Art and Culture Osijek
“Tvornica Zemlja” Josipa Stojanović, MA, artistic associate, Academy of Art and Culture Osijek
“Triplex Confinium” – Christian Blidariu, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture, Polytechnic University, Timisoara
“Sculpture Essential” – Nikolae Moldovan, PhD, Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts and Design, University West, Timisoara
“Traditional aesthetic artistic values in traditional sculpture and their universal applicability in contemporary sculptural practice” – Ivana Radovanović, PhD, prof. Faculty of Fine Arts Cetinje
“Verticals in terracotta – the variability of the relationship between parts and the whole in a large-format sculpture” – Igor Smiljanić, PhD, assistant professor, Novi Sad Academy of Arts

In the hall of the museum, for this occasion, an exhibition of proposed models of architectural solutions for the annex space of the Terra Museum, authored by 1st-year students of the Faculty of Urbanism and Architecture, was set up.

The project is fully funded by Ministry of Culture Republic of Serbia

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