• 16/05/2022/

  • Muzej Terra, Kikinda

Andreja Petraković / Tatjana Dimitrijević – DUST

May 14 – June 3, 2022 – Andreja Petraković and Tatjana Dimitrijević / exhibition: DUST /

The DUST exhibition brings together the works and aesthetic views of sculptor Andreja Petraković and painter Tatjana Dimitrijević.

In the third exhibition in a row in the current calendar year in the Salon of the Terra Museum, the artists from Sombor wanted to open a topic related to thinking about the dimension of time with this joint exhibition.

Andreja Petraković realizes her installations through a kind of recycling process and shapes materials left over from single-use items. He puts more found and collected artificial materials from human everyday life into a new, aesthetic context. The works materialize the inner space of man in the form of spatial installations. Statics and dynamics of surfaces create an environment where everyone can have their own experience and find meaning.

On the other hand, from Tatjana Dimitrijević’s monochrome and minimalist research process, reduced painting solutions of various formats are created. Sometimes applied expressive writings that associate meaningful text, at the same time underline the need for the absence of meaning and reduce communication to simplified visual values.

You can read the biographies of the artists here (click on the name):

Andreja Petraković

Tatjana Dimitrijevic


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