• 07/10/2023

Emilija Radojičić – “TRA”

On Saturday, October 7, the exhibition “TRA” of Emilija Radojičić, an academic artist from Belgrade, was opened in the permanent exhibition area of the Terra Museum. This is the first time that the author’s exhibition is held within the permanent exhibition of the Terra Museum.

Exhibition concept:

bardo – Tibetan Buddhism, the state between death and rebirth
tra – Sanskrit, release, between
two of everything
the ladder (to heavens)
theorein – Greek, thinking about the world


The exhibition presents objects created as a result of research into the potential of thread and line, spontaneous forms, as well as communication with the space of the Terra Museum and its permanent exhibition of sculptures. It is a continuation of Emilia’s previous creativity and movement in the direction of spatializing the works and transposing them into three-dimensional and tactile objects that communicate not only with the observer’s sense of sight, but also with his/her sense of touch, smell…

This intervention within the already existing setting will present objects such as tactile, free-standing sculptures, hanging installations and weaving, objects leaning in space, as well as hidden small sculptures and installations that the visitor may or may not discover during his visit to the exhibition.

The objects/installations/sculptures/weaving are black or white, which would at the same time stand out, but also camouflage within the permanent exhibition and space of the museum, and also emphasize their own forms and textures.

The exhibited works consist of several works that have already been created, but most of them are newly created – specifically created for this occasion. The artist, inspired by the space of the museum itself and the sculptures in terra cotta, designed an exhibition that, like a thread, was woven through the already existing and constant.

The inspiration for the works comes from duality. As clay as an earth element (sculptures in permanent display) represents what is constant, the basis of the World, the planet Earth – so the works for this exhibition are conceived as transitory and amorphous visitors from the “other” world, the ethereal one – which represents infinite recursion… A oscillation between polarities that communicates in a characteristic way and tends towards the center, although the objects are still static.The center – according to Nikola Kuzanski – is an image of the matching of opposites, a focal point of dynamic intensity – a place of the most complex energy.

Attached are sketches of new works and installations within the museum space, photos of existing works that would be exhibited, as well as works that serve as examples.

Given that most of the works are still in production and some of them are site specific, the suggestion is that the exhibition be opened by agreement or at the earliest at the end of September/beginning of October next year.

Jovana Simovski



Emilija Radojičić is a visual artist, born in 1989, who currently lives and creates in Belgrade. He completed his basic art studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, and his master’s studies at the University of Arts, also in Belgrade, at the Department of Art and Media Theory with the topic: “Craft and/or art? The theory and practice of weaving in the artwork of Anna Albers”. In 2019, Emilija founded the Etar studio. Through her recent works, the artist examines the border between art and design, and continues to explore the three-dimensional and tactile aspects of drawing, textiles and sculpture through various materials and media. So far, she has realized numerous solo and group exhibitions, audio/visual performances, collaborations and publications with different artists, curators, institutions, galleries and brands.


Catalog of the exhibition:

You can view the exhibition during the working hours of the Terra Museum until October 27.

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