• 12/05/2022

Terra Center Associates on the e-publication LAND ART IN VOJVODINA

After several months of work on this topic, the Land Art project team in Vojvodina, which consists of students from the Department of New Art Media and other students from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, gathered around this project – published this unique review of works focused on Art countries in the territory of Vojvodina.

The Land Art project was formulated as an artistic practice with a special focus on the production created on the territory of Vojvodina. The research was conducted according to the criteria of location and artists who are related to the area of ​​Vojvodina and are or have been dealing with this art form. Also, forms of action, determining different work practices, from ideas to documentation, were the subject of research through primarily educational context with practical implementation in the form of individual creative and artistic projects.

At the very beginning of the project “Landart in Vojvodina”, an open invitation was sent to artists, galleries and museums to submit works related to the country’s art. The collected material pointed out the overlap of the space of the country’s art and conceptual art, as well as numerous doubts regarding the question of what actually belongs to the art of the country (Land art).

Sources from the fund of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina were used as reference collections, as well as curators who helped in consultations such as Dr. Sanja Kojic Mladenov, Verica Nemet in front of the Center for Fine and Applied Arts “Terra”, Vladimir Mitrovic, Nebojsa Milenkovic. . .

The artist Sanja Radusin Smiljanić and Tatjana Jovančević are realizing their artistic practice in Vojvodina, and during the duration of this project they contributed to the research by presenting their Land art works in the mentioned publication (pp. 53-67).


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