• 08/10/2022

Mirjana Blagojev “Heaven and Earth”

On October 7, an exhibition of sculptures “Heaven and Earth” by the academic sculptor Mirjana Blagojev from Novi Sad was opened in the Terra Gallery.

“The presented works are part of the cycle started as part of the 39th Terracotta Terracotta Sculpture Symposium in 2020 and follow up on my long-term research concerning the examination of the influence of the properties of transparency and reflection on the variability of the spatial relations of the work and its environment.

In the exhibited works, I focus on the concept of reflection in its double meaning – as a reflection and as a reflection on a certain topic. In this case, I face transparent and reflective materials with earth, i.e. clay, terracotta. The very name HEAVEN AND EARTH is based on a well-known expression that means opposite things, phenomena, by which the use of the mentioned materials refers to the encounter of completely different properties in the same object.
The exhibited sculptures and reliefs are geometric objects composed of a core made of reflective materials such as glass, prochrome, polystyrene, and a terracotta shell that breaks, “disintegrates”. The juxtaposition of two materials such as clay and glass embodies the idea of ​​juxtaposition of old and new, reflection as a changing image of the environment and earth as the foundation of all that exists.”

Mirjana Blagojev


Video: TV Kikinda

You can read the biography of the author HERE.

The exhibition is open until November 4 and you can visit it during the  gallery’s opening hours.

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