• 23/12/2022

Competition results / selected artists for exhibition in 2023

Kikinda, December 23, 2022


The artistic council of the Center for Fine and Applied Arts Terra has selected artists who will have the opportunity to exhibit their works in solo exhibitions in the Terra Gallery and the Terra Museum Salon in 2023.

For the 18 planned exhibitions in 2023, the Council has chosen artists of different styles and generations, which will make the exhibition program diverse and interesting for professionals and the general public. Their common denominator is highly achieved artistic qualities, which resulted in a unique attitude of the Arts Council during the selection and evaluation of the submitted competition documents.
The Art Council of the Center for Fine and Applied Arts Terra decided on the allocation of time in 2023 in the gallery spaces of the Center for Fine and Applied Arts Terra. It worked in the following composition: Slobodan Kojić, M.Sc., Master of Sculpture, founder and director of CLPU Terra, Verica Nemet, curator-art historian, CLPU Terra, Sava Stepanov, independent art critic, Novi Sad, Dr. Sanja Kojić Mladenov, MSUV museum adviser, Novi Sad and Dr. Igor Smiljanić, academic sculptor and senior professional associate at the sculpture department, Academy of Arts, Novi Sad.

At the meetings of the Council held at the Center for Fine and Applied Arts Terra, as well as consultations via e-mail exchange, the competition material and selected exhibitions for the 2023 program, were reviewed.

At the public competition for the program of the Center for Fine and Applied Arts Terra, 86 artistic proposals were submitted by local artists and foreign artists of different generations and media orientations.

During the selection of the proposals received at the competition for exhibition in the annual exhibition program in 2023, the following parameters were taken into account: the complexity of the approach to the problem that the artists deal with, the topicality of the content, the quality of the technical and technological performance of the works in relation to the theme, as well as the potential that would open space for active dialogue with the audience. One of the important components of this selection is the multigenerational approach as well as the representation of artists of different generations. In addition, an important component of the selection itself is the effort to include younger artists in the gallery’s program, with a developed artistic practice in the direction of researching modern, digital approaches in the visual field. In this regard, another key component of the selection is the opening of opportunities to animate and expand the audience.

Based on the received applications, the Council made a decision to accept the following proposals for the realization of exhibitions by artists:

Lana Vasiljević
Vesna Pantelić Stojiljković
Milan Blanuša
Ranko Dragić
Bozidar Plazinić
Darija Žmak Kunić
Ivana Milev
Nemanja Milenković
Jozef Klaćik
Sara Lazarević
Sonja Gajić
Bojana Lukić
Tijana Jevrić
Vesna Perunović
Emilija Radojičić
Daniela Fulgosi
Jelena Vladušić
Jelena Sredanović

The selection criteria for the proposal of the Arts Council are based not only on the diversity of applications in all media but also on the quality and consistency in the realization of the idea.
The dates of the exhibitions in which the exhibitions will be held will be determined depending on the concept of the proposed proposals. According to the agreed schedule, 18 exhibitions will be held in 2023, and each exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog and a poster.

Authors are obliged to arrange the collection of their works from the exhibition premises no later than one week after the end of the exhibition period.

The artists undertake to realize the project with the attached concept that was accepted at the competition. If the authors significantly change the approved project, Center Terra reserves the right not to accept the changes. The premises are secured and have personnel on duty at the installation.

The competition for an exhibition in the Terra Gallery and the Terra Museum Hall lasted from November 8 to December 9, 2022. Through ULUS, ULUPUDS, the Academy of Arts, Galleries, and the media, the competition was addressed to artists, members of all art associations, as well as the final year and master’s students of the Faculty of Applied and Fine Arts. All academic artists from the field of visual arts, as well as groups and associations of fine artists, had the right to participate in the competition.

The entire program for 2023 will include 3 more exhibitions:

 CONCEPT TERRA – Author’s project of Svetlana Mladenov
Annual exhibition 41. Symposium Terra
Olga Jevrić – Composition and structure – the Author’s project of Žaklina Marković and Dejan Vučetić

We thank everyone who submitted their proposals and congratulate those whose proposals were selected.

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