• 26/05/2022

Art work by Sanja Radusin Smiljanić within the national exhibition “Free to create – create to be free”

Just before the end of last year, 2021, the Ministry of Culture and Information, ie the Sector for International Relations and European Integration in the Field of Culture, announced a competition for the selection of works of art for the national exhibition entitled “FREE TO CREATE – CREATE TO BE FREE”, anniversary of the European Convention on Human Rights.

On that occasion, Terra Center for Fine and Applied Arts competed with the artistic work of Sanja Radusin Smiljanić, who was successfully evaluated and chosen for the same.

Sanja Radusin Smiljanić’s artistic research is related to the specifics of this climate in which she lives and fears, and nature is the starting point in her work. The artist bases her artistic thinking on finding connections between natural forms and sculpture, as well as on creating installations that are specifically arranged in relation to (gallery) space.
Since this is an international project “Free to create – create to be free” for the needs of this competition, in addition to the organized exhibition, two digital catalogs were created with the aim of posting on the website and the ability to download them.


“Free to create – create to be free” / Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, February-March 2022 – official exhibition catalogue


Nature in terracotta / Sanja Radusin Smiljanić – catalogue



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