• 26/05/2023

“The world is named forest” – exhibition by Jelena Vladušić

On Friday, May 26, the exhibition of academic artist Jelena Vladušić from Novi Sad titled “The world is called forest” was opened in the Terra Gallery.

The artist uses photography as her main means of researching different social, psychological and political spaces. The work is named after the science fiction novel by the American writer Ursula Le Guin, and thematically relies on it. The project is based on photos. In addition, sound recordings of the location were made, with the intention of being reproduced inside the exhibition space. Through the works that precede the photo series “The World is a Forest”, the central point of my artistic research has been the search for place. Through the mapping of specific spaces/territories, I explored the contexts that they delivered, and such a search required movement. The new series is also initiated as a search for a place, but here there is a change of perspective, and the search for a place leads to the discovery that one can be and become a place itself. With the center inside, one looks outside again. That change of perspective is a turning point and can be seen as a zero point, with a stay in one intimate place embodied in a small piece of forest next to the Tisza. The series contains photographic records that were started in the period of life related to preparations for motherhood in a time of special sensitivity for today’s moment.

Catalog of the exhibition:


prof. Jelena Vladušić, born in 1984 in Novi Sad. She completed basic and master studies in photography at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. She defended her doctoral thesis in 2017 at the University of Arts in Belgrade, field of study – multimedia art. She has been active as an exhibitor since 2005 and has presented her works at six independent exhibitions
exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in the country and abroad. Among the recognitions she received is a prize at the Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean (BJCEM 2009). Since 2010, she has been employed at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, where she participates in teaching at the Department of Graphic Engineering and Design. She uses photography as her main means of researching different psychological, social and political spaces.

Foto: Igor Grandić (Terra)

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