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On September 29, at 7 p.m., an exhibition of sculptures and graphics by Vesna Pantelić – GHERTRUDE – CLUB FORTISSIMO SPORTISIMO was opened in the TERRA gallery.

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Vesna Pantelić was born in Belgrade. She studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, in the class of Professor Čedo Krstić. She graduated from the National Academy Of Fine Arts – New York, New York, USA, in the class of professors Avel de Knight and Serge Hollerbach. During her studies, she received the James Saydam Painting Award with a medal and charter from the National Academy of Fine Arts – New York. She has exhibited at solo exhibitions, in New York, Kragujevac, Belgrade, Podgorica, Apatin, Vranje, Ulcinj, Maribor, Ljubljana, Geneva, Habana, Tel Aviv, Marbella, Malaga, Herez, Lagos, Granada, Sao Bras, Krka, as well as numerous group exhibitions.


Review of Vesna Pantelić’s Work – Gertrudes Celebrating Life


The historical narrative of art frequently reflects the assumption that sports were always seen as primarily a male activity. On the other hand, sports became effectively established in art around the turn of the 20th century, as art turned to its surroundings once more.

From charming impressionist paintings to socialist ideology posters, women and sports have always been fascinating and dynamic topics to explore. Vesna’s sculptures, Gertrude the Athlete, the Swimmer, the Rower, and the Skier depict real-life accounts of these sportswomen. They permanently record her feelings which originate out of her love of sports and observation of people. The embellishments, polka dots, and vibrant colours on the clothing of these active, happy women draw attention and radiate vitality, strength, and inner charm.

These pieces eloquently capture the vitality and dynamism of the contemporary world, where it is imperative to be authentic. Perhaps this is why Vesna Pantelić Stojiljković, the artist, depicts voluptuous women in her works who, despite their curves, exude vitality, optimism, grace, and likeability thus bucking the trend toward slenderness.

Finally, I can only agree with Henry Reed that dreams like art have this power to expand our understanding of reality by challenging our limits of the possible.

The Gertrudes’ delight knows no bounds as they have discovered happiness within.


Verica Nemet

Art Historian

Foto: Igor Grandić (Terra)

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