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Nada Stojići belongs to the “new generation” artists from Timisoara. She graduated in 2004 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Timisoara, Department of Sculpture (Professor Peter Jecza).

She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions including 2002 – Art Club – “Radiography of the Soul”, Timisoara; 2005 – German Cultural Center – “Windows”, Timisoara; 2006 – Artis Gallery – “Mysteries and Mysteries”, Bucharest; 2006 – Helios Gallery – “Mysteries”, Timisoara; 2007 – ’27 -7-27 ′ – Aka Gallery, Timisoara; 2009 – Meta forms, Calina Gallery, Timisoara; 2013 – Awakening/makeup. Café Papillon-Timisoara; 2015- verseckte dufte, Tini Griffon, Nurnberg; 2016 – Reticulum, Calpe Gallery – Timisoara; 2017 – Beyond Sight, Pygmalion Gallery; 2018 – Stay my butterfly – Timisoara; 2019. – XILEM – Timisoara.

Numerous works by the artist are present in collections in the country and abroad (France, Germany, USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden).

You can read Robert Sherban’s interview with Nada Stojići HERE.

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