Symposium Terra Open Call

The competition for applying to the Terra Symposium is open year-round. Those interested in participating in the Symposium can send their biographies and photographs of their work by e-mail. At the end of each year, the artistic council of the Terra Centre decides on the Symposium participants for the following year.

The Terra Centre provides Symposium participants with the following:

• Reimbursement of all travel expenses, from the place of residence to Kikinda and back
• 31 All-Inclusive boarding arrangements
• All necessary materials, tools and professional assistance
• Cash compensation of € 1000 at the end of the Symposium for each participant
• Annual exhibition of sculptures during the next Terra Symposium at the Terra Gallery
• Publication of the annual catalogue of the Terra Symposium

Obligations of the Symposium participants towards the Terra Centre are the following:

• After the Symposium, each artist is obliged to leave one large-scale sculpture and two sculptures of gallery format to the Terra Centre.
• All other sculptures, created during the Symposium belong to the author.

If you have any questions regarding participation in the Terra Symposium please contact us by e-mail or phone.

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