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Milena Popov Nena – prints and audio-video installation

An exhibition of paintings, photographs, and audio-video installations by Milena Popov Nena, a multimedia artist from Zrenjanin, who lives and works in New York, was opened at the Terra Gallery in Kikinda.

“Zrenjanin artist Milena Popov Nena came to us on Friday, she was completely satisfied with the setting of the exhibition because she originally gave us the freedom to set it up, but of course we consulted exclusively with her. She is very specific and does not like to write about it. She deals with the topics of ecology, communication, the property of being in communication with others, but also the impossibility of communication, which is still very relevant in our society. about art, culture, society, and media in book chapters, scientific journals, and exhibition catalogs. She is the founder, organizer, and moderator of the Intellectual Salon in New York, co-founder, and member of an art group and several associations “- said Igor Grandić from CLPU Terra.

“Culture, as well as the overall artistic expression, is very important for the city of Kikinda, so it is really a great honor and pleasure for me to see the works of Milena Popov in the Terra Gallery, which is recognized worldwide, lives in New York, and is our neighbor from Zrenjanin. It is really nice that we can look at her works of art and her very specific way of expression, and this is an opportunity for our people of Kikinda to see the pinnacle of technical achievement in digital media. It seems that the pandemic that has hit the whole world, including our Kikinda, is slowly coming to an end, and we are starting with various cultural events, including this exhibition. I thank the Terra Gallery, which enabled Kikinda to see the works of world-renowned artists. Kikanda Mayor Nikola Lukac said at the opening of the exhibition.

Milena Popov Nena obtained her doctorate in art and media theory at the University of Arts in Belgrade, and her master’s and undergraduate studies at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. She completed her summer academy at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and Feldenkrais master class at the Academy for Performative Studies at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia. Read more about the artist on her profile page HERE.

Milena Popov Nena

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