• 10/06/1991

Concept / 1991-1998

In the premises of the former Second Production Unit of IGM Toza Marković, in parallel with the International Symposium of Terracotta Sculpture – Terra, in the period 1991-1998, a thematic project called Concept was also held. On that occasion, 25 to 35 artists were invited to work on a given topic, which was conceived each year by an eminent art historian, i.e. art critic.

Topics covered:

Cube / Sava Stepanov / 1991

Column / Sava Stepanov / 1992

Earth-Sky / Irina Subotić / 1993

Furrow / Béla Duránci  / 1994

Seal / Vesna Đurđević / 1995

Crossings / Svetlana Mladenov / 1996

Circle / Aleksandra Estela Bjelica / 1997

House / Ljiljana Ćinkul / 1998

About 200 artists participated in this segment.


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