• 02/11/2020

Terra Production

As part of its development plan, Terra intends to form Terra Studio as well as to begin preparations for the production of terracotta products – Terra Production. Our plan is to educate and prepare a large number of subcontractors to participate in the production process through a series of courses. The basic idea is that all those interested will be able to, with minimal investment on their part, start their own family businesses, in their own premises, whereby they will be able to provide basic or additional income by engaging in simple methods of pressing and pouring into moulds (which would be provided by Terra), drying and baking the finished products. The idea for this type of production is based on the fact that in Kikinda, Banat, Vojvodina (Serbia), Romania and Hungary, residential buildings usually have auxiliary premises that can be converted into production facilities without the need for large investments. What is also significant is the fact that that there are many cheap abandoned estates in the villages of Vojvodina, that can easily be turned into production units and plants. The production would be based on the proposals of the previous participants of the Terra Symposium, as well as all interested artists.

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