Yasuo Kuwahara



Yasuo Kuwahara, born in Niigata-Ken, Japan in 1959.
In 1982, he graduated from the State University of Arts in Tokyo, then in 1987 he moved to Milan to attend the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. He lives and works in Milan. In 1983, he received the first prize of the Academy of Brera, and his work was purchased by the Lions Clu-San Fedele Prize, San Fedele Gallery. He exhibits at individual and collective exhibitions in Italy (Genoa, Rome, Milan, Padua), Switzerland, Japan, Germany.

Hiroshima Nagasaki
Very expressive and dramatic figures in human nothingness
Through sculpting, I try to express some thoughts about the intertwining, about the naturalness of a circular cycle.. To put it simply, we are born to die, and dying is the beginning of a new birth.. In that circle, everything flows through some fractures, fissures of life’s flows.. I would I wanted to somehow capture and transform into sculptures with as open forms as possible. It seems to me that terracotta, with its naturalness, is closer to those efforts. . My thoughts on the connection between birth and death are the result of the influence of my birthplace in Japan, where I lived until I was fifteen. I watched as completely white and silent winters, under whose cover all life would die, alternated with distinctly green and vibrant summers when everything flourished. Those shifts made me see life and death as two faces, two forms of the same natural event.


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